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2009 Current Events

August 2009
August has been a busy month for us, unfortunately so busy I seem to have lost a memory card with photos. Sigh.
The Lehanes stayed with us at the end of their Alaska cruise, and we enjoyed the weird weather together. :-)
We had a few very unusual (100 degree) days, then a drop to 70's, then finally got back to our summer high-80's.
Mark turned "17 with practice" this month, and Amelie got to attend French camp for a week.
Drumming, gardening, blackberry picking, and hanging out with the neighbors rounded out the month.

July was the big 4th of July parade, and party. You haven't seen Small Town USA do the 4th until you've seen ours.
The whole town comes out for the pancake breakfast, the farmer's market, TinyTown, special events, parade...
and of course the fireworks over the water. We opted for BBQ with the neighbors and fireworks at their place.
Amelie loved being the center of attention on the "dance floor", and boogied all night until it got dark at 10.
She even lasted past that for the fireworks. Poor kid didn't hit the pillow until almost 11, but she loved every minute of it.

June 2009
June was a pretty quiet month. Both Troy and Amelie's godfather Andy turned 45 this month... but no photos.
Mostly we just spent a lot of time barbequing and letting Amelie play in her wading pool to cool off.

May 2009
May was our 7 year anniversary, and we were treated to our annual babysitting trip by GramMicha!
We got to go spend the night at the fabulous Willows Lodge, and had a private tasting & tour of DeLille's cellars.

April 2009
We did more of the commuting thing, with Amelie still enjoying her fan club on the boat. She got to hunt
far more than her share of Easter eggs, and also enjoyed turning 3. She tells us all the time she's a big girl now.

January-March 2009
The first quarter of the year saw Mommy and buddy Josh-man's birthdays, a chance for golf lessons w/Daddy for Amelie,
time to hone Amelie's PC skills and Pippi Longstocking look, lots of visits with friends, and many Tinkerbell moments.