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Click the Amelie's Gallery button to go look at my photos, and at the bottom of the page are some newer videos of me.
(The videos are for the patient... depending on your connection, they might take a while to download)

Hi Everyone!

Mom's been horrible at keeping up my pages, but we're finally making some progress. There are new photo pages linked to my profile and some new video clips down below.
I've been growing by leaps and bounds of course. It would be easy to think I was turning 4 instead of 3 this year - in fact I'm pretty much into 4T's already.
I chatter away to everyone who'll listen, love to sing songs, dance, and read. I enjoy my daily ferry rides with "the friends" and I am in love with the Disney princesses... I am such a girly girl!
I had my 3 year checkup at the doctor... At 39" tall and 34 pounds, I'm in the 90th percentile for height, and 79th percentile for weight.
My doctor says it's actually a great balance, and I'm very healthy. They also did my first vision test, and so far, I've been spared Mommy's lousy genes!


My latest video clips... for the patient or those with a lot of bandwidth

Cinderella dress 2nd Easter hunt 4/12 Impromptu Concert
I can do it myself 1st Easter hunt 4/12 Computer Girl!
The Big Reveal Easter bubbles Christmas 1
Ring around the Rosie Post-candy bliss out 4/11 Christmas 2
 July 4th parade crowd Easter egg hunt Sat 4/11 Christmas 3
Mickey Mouse Ball Song Easter basket in a box Christmas 4
Yard-spinner tricycle ride Christmas 5
Happy birthday to you! Bibbitty-bobbitty-boo! snow