Archive ~ Current Events 2008

We had a nice quiet Christmas at home this year. Amelie enjoyed spending "early Xmas" with Gram'Micha just after Thanksgiving, getting presents in the mail, baking Christmas cookies, playing in the unusually big snow, and of course opening all her Christmas presents on the big day! Thanks to everyone for spoiling her (almost) rotten. :-)

We visited Santa, had Thanksgiving at Amelie's school, and we had a really nice Thanksgiving with Gram'Micha.

Naturally, all of Amelie's focus was on Halloween this year - and on her chance to be a kitty.

This month was all about the local sunflowers, corn mazes and pumpkin patches for Amelie.

This month is starting out great. Lots of time with Candice, Michael, Kaylee and Michele - first in Oregon then at home. We are having lots of fun!

June was a busy month too! Summers always are though.  We immersed ourselves in 4th of July festivities, neighborhood barbeques, visited with the Leathermans, and started Amelie in swim lessons (she is less than thrilled!)

June was a busy month for all of us, and we managed to work in another trip this month, to California. First stop was Monterey where our friends threw a party in honor of our (temporary) return, then Santa Clara for Christopher's graduation, a Mike and sons reunion in Santa Ana, an overnight visit with Cindy's Dad & Bev, a get-together with Mike & Sherry, Linda Sue, Tim & Beth and Troy's family (and with Chad and Tawnia in our hearts!), then back up to Monterey to stay with the Aikins' and again with the Lehanes by way of the Hayhursts. Wow! What a trek! But it was SO wonderful to see everyone again! Sadly, we said goodbye to our pal Lexie at the end of the month, too.

So far May has been pretty busy. We've been doing working a lot, and we finally completed the long-promised trip to introduce Amelie and her great-grandma Bradford on Mother's Day. We managed to keep the whole thing secret for more than six months despite the fact that the planning involved Mark's parents, aunts, uncles, cousins... I doubt we could ever have pulled something like that off on Cindy's side of the family!

At the end of May, Mark's sweet brother Chad was suddenly and unexpectedly taken from us, by a brain aneurysm. We were all very shocked and saddened to lose him, so young, and just a few weeks before a planned reunion of the three boys with their Dad in June. He will be deeply and dearly missed.

The end of March was Easter madness, followed by yet another round of colds for all of us.
Then we got busy preparing for Amelie's 2nd birthday in April. Gram'Micha and the Lehanes flew out for the big day!

April ~ Amelie's Corner
So, what have I been doing?
Well, according to my doctor, I am way ahead in milestones and right on track for growth.
I weigh 29 pounds now (73rd percentile for weight), and stand at 36" tall (92nd percentile for height), am pushing a size 7-1/2 shoe, and am wearing 2T's and the occasional 3T depending on who makes it. I'm a big girl now, and I have a big girl vocabulary to go with it, so most people think I'm older than I am. I still adore my twice-weekly ferry trips with my fan club and getting to play at school with my buddies. Daddy tells everyone in the world that I was "Student of the Month" there in April. They put together a little photo montage of me with some really interesting tidbits about me such as:
Amelie loves music and singing. Her favorite songs are "Five Little Monkeys", "The Muffin Man", and "Wheels on the Bus."
She likes to run, jump, swing, slide, dance, and take baths. She also loves reading! Her favorite books are "Cat in the Hat", "Goodnight Moon", and "Bonsoir Lune."
Her favorite colors are purple and yellow, and she loves to color with crayons and markers.
Favorite foods are orange slices, peaches, macaroni&cheese, cheese of any kind, yogurt, Bunnie-O's, animal cookies, and chocolate milk.
Amelie loves animals and she practices all her animal sounds so she can sing "Old Mac Donald" longer and longer with every car ride.

March began with a visit from Grandparents Gerard. Cris and Ken came and stayed for the weekend... it sure was great to see them!
Amelie got her first haircut, and we also (finally!) got some "barefoot weather" after a sunny but colder-than-normal couple of months.
And let's not forget our early Easter this year... an early start on chocolate consumption is good, right?

Mid-February everyone started feeling better, and we did some serious hanging-out with the neighbors. We also finally took some pictures of Amelie's special creation (her choices, Mommy and Jennifer's work) -- the Big Girl Room.

January was pretty quiet. We were sick on New Year's, healthy enough to muster up the energy take down decorations then get sick again, and then not do too much else. :-)  
February saw Amelie get a boo-boo on her face and heal seemingly overnight (wow, that must  be nice) and make some Valentine's Day decos with the neighbors. Things have been fairly hectic around here, with all of us taking it in turns (and sometimes all together) to be sick, very-sick, recovering-from-sickness, or sick-again. Ah, the joys of toddlerhood! Of course we have had our hands full with the transition to "big girl room" for the girlie as well. Meanwhile we hope you all had lovely winter holidays, New Year's, Chinese New Year (go rats! bring on the prosperity!), etc. We don't have a lot of photos of any of those holidays to post because, well.. we were sick. And so it goes.